Friday, January 6, 2012

Keeping Christmas

I am sitting here and thinking I have million things to do. One of them is to take down our Christmas decorations.
In past years I've torn everything down the day after and tossed the tree out the front door. But the past couple of years I have had a heavy heart about doing just that. The boys are getting older and it seems like time is just flying by. I want it all to last... longer and for them to stay...younger. But that doesn't go according to God's perfect plan.
God, who has infinite love for us, sent baby Jesus into this broken world for you. For me. For my boys. He grew up knowing what was in store for Him. God knew what was in store for Him. He knows what's in store for my boys. I know that anything that God has in store can only be good and for His glory. So right now I rest in that blessed assurance and will keep Christmas tucked in my heart, my decorations up a little later and look forward to see the plans that God has for the boys.

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